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Today it is my sad duty to announce that longtime lacemaker and lace historian, Lorelei Halley, passed away on April 1. Lorelei was the creator and Web mistress of the original laceIOLI and NeedleLaceTalk Web sites on the Ning platform, which she ran for ten years. She also had her own Web site dedicated to handmade lace, Below is the obituary sent to us a couple of days ago by her cousin, Jim Huisel. We hope you honor her last wish by visiting her Web site and her Facebook page.

Lorelei Halley of Mount Prospect, IL, and a longtime resident of the Chicagoland area passed away on April 1, 2022, at the age of 78 at JourneyCare Hospice located at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL. Lorelei was recently diagnosed with end stage colon cancer.

Lorelei was an author, content creator, expert, and historian on bobbin lace, needle lace, pulled thread work, and Hardanger embroidery. Lorelei received her BA from University of Chicago in Medieval European History, continued her education by receiving her Master’s at University of Pennsylvania in Medieval European History and went on to prepare for her PhD at University of Illinois, in Urbana, IL. During her years of study and preparation for her PhD, Lorelei was a Graduate Assistant and taught several classes to undergraduate students.

She was preceded in death by her mother Louise Stanovich Halley, Stepfather Joseph Haluszczak, and sister Mary Lou Halley. She is survived by her sister Barbara Halley Soderberg of Peoria, AZ, nephew Andrew Soderberg, and grandnephews Peyton and Jonathan. Her cousins include Adrienne Kinkaid of Plymouth, MN, Jim Huisel of Gurnee, IL, Jeanne Potter of Batavia, IL, and Jason Stanley of Oak Lawn, IL, and other family members.

Lorelei was dedicated to the history, study and design of lace. A very special interest that she passed on to other lovers of this craft. Her extensive website is for those who love to make lace, who want to learn lace making, or who love to collect lace. Special emphasis goes to bobbin lace, her specialty, but also to needle lace, pulled thread work and Hardanger embroidery

Lorelei’s cremated remains will be handled in a dignified manner in accordance with her wishes in a private ceremony. Lorelei’s last wish was for the website she authored to be continued in posterity. Pay your respects to Lorelei Halley by visiting her website “For those who love handmade lace” or visit her Facebook page.

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  1. Consegui el y sinceramente esto es un tesoro de información. Ella perpetuo su estudios y su trabajo para que otros se enamorar de este bello arte!! Su ideas cosechó frutos !! Gracias Lorelei !! Muy agradecida de que hayas dejado tus huellas educativa en este planeta. En el cielo tiene otro espacios de inspiración. El cuerpo muere pero el alma no!! RiP!!

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