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      Sheila Antell

        Hi all: I have always only done torchon lace and am now learning to do Bedfordshire lace. I am looking for basic advice. How does one know when to leave the pins standing up and when to push them all the way into the pillow? What size pins are best for Bedfordshire lace making? Do I use a different pin for the picots? I have never purchased pins for making my torchon lace, always used plain dressmaker pins.

        Thank you in advance for any advice you have for me.

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        Jo Edkins

          I’m not an expert in Beds lace, but I’ve done a bit. I would suggest using ordinary pins (but not those with glass heads, obviously). I use the same pins for the picots. And as for leaving them sticking up or pushing them in – leave them sticking up until they get in the way, then push them in! Much as for Torchon (if you were doing a Torchon mat, for example). there’s a bit more twisting and turning for Beds, but it’s fairly obvious if a pin is getting in the way!
          You may find my website helpful. I must repeat – I’m not an expert on Beds, but I’ve done a little, and my website shows you how to do things like picots.

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